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My Reading List

Happy Sunday !! Just the other day when I was decluttering my hallway and the many books that I have accumulated over the years. I came across these four, which I believe are worth reading.

The first book is called Kingdom Woman, it’s about embracing you purpose, power and possibilities. It’s written by Tony Evans, and his Daughter Chrystal Evans Hurst. This book covers a wide range of topics from relationships to parenting and everything in between.

Next is a book written by Author and speaker Priscilla Shirer. The name of the book is called Fervent. The cover reads ” A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific, and Strategic prayer”. This book help you get through many obstacles that a woman faces in her life. It gives you specifics of how to pray and handle them and to have victory.

The third book is called WARFARE, written by Tony Evans. It’s a book about Winning Spiritual Battles. And looking at life in a different perspective. It teaches you how to recognize, fight, and come out winning on the other side. This book is definitely an eye opener.

The last book is called Grace, written by Max Lucado. And in this book it teaches us just that. It reminds us of God’s unconditional love, encouragement and favor.

All four books are exceptional in their own way, and I believe they are worth reading, for such a time as this.

As always, thank you for reading my Blog.

God Bless.

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Sunday’s Perspective

I was looking up the word perspective in the dictionary, and it read as follows. Perspective a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a particular point of view.

Well my Sunday’s perspective has not always been the best. I must admit that my own outlook was one of “this is the day before I have to go back to work”. Or I was thinking about how many more days I had before the next weekend started. And it totally depleted my joy. To be honest sometimes I dreaded Sunday’s due to the pressure and stressors of life in general.

Now my perspective on the day has changed. I listed a few reasons why I dreaded the day so much, however recently I have changed my own perspective or outlook on Sunday’s. And I have learned to count my blessings instead of downplaying them.

First I’m thankful that God woke me up to see another day, in-spite of whats going on in the world. I get to see my family, through Zoom, Skype, Duo, or I can just call them. I mentioned dreading thinking about work, now my perspective on my job is that it might not be the best, but I do have one, and I am thankful for it. So many people have lost there jobs due to this virus. They can’t buy food or make their rent or mortgage payments, it’s a nightmare.

I start my day off by connecting to the one who made me. I have faith and I am reassured that I am never alone, that God is always on my side. I put my Sunday’s and everyday after into perspective with an eagerness, and with expectation. I believe that something good is going to happen to me today. I try to encourage as many people as I can, and show grace. And most importantly I do my best to keep a positive mindset, and to stay away from negativity. So now I believe my perspective has changed for the better.

If you made it to the end of my blog. Thanks for reading, I know some of you might like it or you might not, but that’s okay. Still I’ll ask that you be respectful if you leave a comment. And if you like it enough, consider subscribing. And As always, Thank You. and God bless.