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Hamilton​ The Musical


Two years ago my son came home from school telling me that they were studying Alexander Hamilton. He said, “mom you have to listen to the soundtrack”. So I did and I fell in love with it.

That started my search for the Broadway Musical. But I was quickly disappointed to find that it wasn’t coming to Louisiana for another 2 years. So I went online to sign up for any news that would let me know when the tickets would go on sale. And in January, I received an email from Ticket Master’s Fan based club stating that I had been selected with a specific date and time to buy tickets for the performance.



So on Friday morning, we went online to buy the tickets, and the site had so many people trying to do the same, that it crashed multiple times. I was so frustrated, that in fact, I said forget it and walked out of the room. But my husband pressed on, in fact, he had two computers opened up at the same time trying to purchase and pick the right seats. And his persistence paid off, Thank God!!!! We got them.



  For the first time in Louisiana, Hamilton the Musical came to New Orleans and was performed at the Sangre Theather on Canal Street. And yall let me tell you I was blown away.  Wow, the performance was exceptional, like nothing that I had ever seen. I was amazed at the multiracial cast. The singing was the best I have heard, the costumes were beautiful,  and the crew did an outstanding job. Their performance kept the audience attention until the very end. This is a performance that I would never forget. And as an added bonus, it was a great way to learn about history. I would definitely go and see it again. They deserve a perfect 10.






As always Thank you for reading my blog, and God Bless.