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Ok, so my question is “Do you ever get tired of going to the same gym to work out all the time? Do you wish that you could go somewhere new and fresh? Somewhere less expensive. A gym where they have different selections of workout equipment and classes that actually come with the membership. I mean why pay extra for yoga, Pilates, or Zumba classes or whatever catches your eye. In my opinion, classes should come standard with memberships overall. 

Anyway, none of this would be possible if you have months left before you can get out of your gym contract. Unless you want to end your membership and pay the enormous cancellation fees attached to most early terminations. 

Well, that was me some months ago. I was coming to the end of my gym membership and wanted to change it up a bit. I mean I had the confidence to workout now, no longer intimated by the equipment or the people.   I wanted to go somewhere new and different. A place where I could get more for my money. 

My husband came home one morning telling me of a co-worker who was talking to him about this very same thing. And that’s how we learned of about it. What is Fitness Your Way? Well, I’m glad you asked, its access to thousands of participating gyms for a monthly fee. And no I’m not being paid to promote this. And yes the fee was $50 dollars less than what I was paying every month. There is no need to stick with one location. Membership gives you a variety of choices, to experience something new and fresh, whatever works for your lifestyle and fitness goals.

To sign up we had to call our health insurance company and tell them we wanted to enroll in Fitness Your Way. Everything was done right over the phone. And after talking to the fitness representative she sent us an email with our membership number and we were set to workout that same day.

Some of the locations are LA. Fitness, Planet Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Golds Gym, some YMCA Locations, also Curves and Snap Fitness. Am I happy we made the decision to join Fitness My Way?  Yes!!! Best decision we made. Oh and yes the classes come with your overall membership. In case you were wondering.

As always,

Thanks for reading, and God Bless.


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